Mandela Day 2016 kicked off at the St. Giles Building on Monday morning with Southern Rock cover band Wroxeter and the Rachel Swart Fund. Attendees, with shoulders rolling and toes tapping to classic 70s music, didn’t take long to fill the dance floor.

The event was in honour of Mandela Day, but according to Rachel Swart Fund Manager Joy Badham-Thornhill, it was also a means of giving back to the St. Giles community and celebrating the Fund’s beneficiaries.

As music pumped through the hall, attendees swigged coffee and tea, munched on biscuits and enjoyed the bustling atmosphere. Among the listeners was one of the Fund’s newest recipients, whose wheelchair was paid for courtesy of a previous Wroxeter concert fundraiser, which raised R 22 000.

The Rachel Swart Fund and St. Giles Building community spent their 67 minutes swaying to the sound of swirling guitars and vocals. Ideas for next year? Let us know!

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