To apply for a mobility device from the Rachel Swart Fund, a licensed occupational or physiotherapist with training in seating must complete an application form for each beneficiary, including all supporting documentation.

We are in the process of launching an online form. Please note, after the launch of the online form, we will no longer accept PDF or hardcopy applications. For more information about applying to the Rachel Swart Fund, contact us.


To qualify for Rachel Swart Fund assistance, beneficiaries must show evidence of meeting the following requirements :

  • Have a household income of less than 10,000 ZAR including any government grants
  • Be on a government hospital waiting list, or demonstrate that the device requested is not available on the government tender
  • Have a completed application form with supplementary documentation:
  • Copy of ID document for beneficiary and parent/guardian (if applicable)
    • Birth certificate
    • Bank statements if income is above 10,000 ZAR or if any household member is employed
    • Full detailed motivation
    • Device quotation (if available)
    • Evidence of waiting list**

**Evidence of the waiting list serves to ensure that the government recognizes the need for specific devices.

For help filling out the application, contact us for details.