Jayabalan (45) sustained a spinal cord injury, which resulted in quadriplegia, after a diving accident. Sitting in a wheelchair during the day is vital for his optimal chest function and independence, and in 2009, he was issued a motorised wheelchair by the Rachel Swart Fund. According to our supplier at CE Mobility in Durban, Jayabalan maintained his chair well; however, repairs were often required. When he was offered a job on a farm, which meant a considerable change in terrain, it became clear that he needed a wheelchair that was durable and suitable for rough surfaces.

The Rachel Swart Fund provided a replacement wheelchair for Jayabalan in March 2016. In a thank-you letter he wrote after receiving the new device, he said, “Being disabled, I have to guard against creeping depression and insidious despondency. Continuously, we try to help ourselves because self-empowerment lends us dignity. Moreover, this new wheelchair will help me to continue projects and venture into new projects, further empowering myself.” He also thanked the Fund for our¬†continued efforts to help him and other people in similar situations live more independent lives.

The generous contributions of our sponsors that the Rachel Swart Fund can continue to provide excellent services to our beneficiaries. For more information about getting involved, or to donate to our cause, please contact us or see our Donate page. Your support is greatly appreciated. 


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