Meet Anushka!


Anushka Soma-Patel and Sahil Patel


Name: Anushka Soma-Patel

Age: 39 (almost 40 :))

Cape Town resident Anushka Soma-Patel is a business architect who loves to laugh, loves the outdoors, and most especially, loves her little 3-year-old. Anushka sat down to answer some of our questions and tell us a little more about herself. 5 days away, you can help her (and us!) reach her fundraising goal of R4 000 by donating on her GivenGain page.

Are you a first timer, or have you run the OMTOM in the past? What about other half-marathons?

I have run in the past, [but] just this one, as I heard that it is so beautiful.

What are your skills, interests or hobbies?
[I’m a] massive board game addict and play basketball despite my knees.

What made you choose the Rachel Swart Fund?

As I scrolled through the list of foundations doing good deeds, I was humbled to know that I can help the angels who provide mobility by running 21km. This is a very fulfilling experience for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

(No, thank YOU, Anushka!)

Any goals for the race? What are you looking forward to most?


The camaraderie and fun spirit on the day. More importantly, the gift of mobility to someone in need.



We’d like to extend a warm thank you to Anushka and wish her luck on race day! To contribute to her fundraising goal, please visit her GivenGain page.

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