To qualify for assistance from the Rachel Swart Fund, the applicant must:

  • Exhaust all other channels of state-sponsored support and provide documentation of an application through the existing public health sector channels
  • Have a severe disability, which requires a mobility device that has not or will not be provided by the state
  • Provide medical documentation detailing type and severity of disability
  • Provide financial documentation of income
  • Complete and submit a Rachel Swart Fund application form

For help filling out the application, please see this example of an already completed form, or contact us for more details.

The Rachel Swart Fund provides mobility aids to people with severe disabilities throughout South Africa.

Our goal is to assist individuals from disadvantaged communities who are unable to obtain the devices they need due to their current socioeconomic circumstances. There is a specific focus on provision of motorised wheelchairs to eligible individuals in order to improve their quality of life and autonomy, and with the knowledge that state services are not always able to provide such devices. Thus, our organisation acts as a last resort, considering the provision of mobility aids remains the responsibility of the public health system.

While we remain sympathetic to the challenges present within government hospitals, application to the Rachel Swart Fund will only be considered after documentation of an application through the existing public health sector channels can be provided. This process ensures that the Department of Health continues to realize the need for mobility aids for people living with disabilities who are dependent on government services for their mobility devices.